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In 2012, the Dutch edition of Elle fashion magazine noted they were using fewer Black models. They suggested that people in today’s society focus more on themselves and on their own group, as well as on status and affluence. For example, Elle's fashion editor recalls that after a photo shoot featuring a dark-skinned model, the company which had supplied the accessories had complained that they were not happy with the result. 'Unfortunately it didn't radiate the kind of ambiance we were looking for', they said. So do Dutch- White or Black - associate social succes with being White?¬†

The question is whether we are even able to think without stereotypes. Could a White actor perform the same roles as a Black actor, or vice versa, without the audience being surprised? How colourless is our image when we imagine words like ‘swinging’, ‘thrifty’, ‘discipline’, or ‘loyalty’? In 2012, the Social and Cultural Planning department conducted a job application experiment and discovered that, given identical resumes, 28% of non-Western candidates would be offered a position, compared to 46% of native Dutch. Does preference play a role or not?

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